Monday, 1 August 2011

How to recruit (for officers)

There are 2 possibilities for recruitment.

1)With macro:

Type /shortcut 1 /regional kintext

So 1 means that in your quickslot position 1 your shortcut will be places.
regional means that the kin recruitment message will be posted on the regional channel
kintext is your recruitment message. Instead of kintext you can use something like:
Suilad hunters! The elven kinship called the Archers of the Golden Wood is recruiting elven hunters. We offer helpful people, events, kinhouse, maxed rank.

2)With tells:

Tells are effective. But should be done once a week. Go to social tab and use the filter. Select only hunters class and type "elf" in the filter box and sort by kinship.
Now you will get a list of all elven hunters who are not in a kinship. Now you can send them a short tell. For example: Greetings hunter. The elven hunters kinship called the Archers of the Golden Wood is recruiting. Reply if interested.

Now you can copy this sentence and paste it to several hunters with tells.